PhoneGap Day 2015 Workshop

Build a Hybrid Mobile App


What You Will Build

In this workshop you will learn how to create a simple mobile Tour Guide application using PhoneGap with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Some best practices and performance techniques will be taught and you will be introduced to useful plugins to add additional functionality and enhance the app to provide a more native experience.

What You Will Learn


A mobile device or a Mobile SDK is not a requirement for this tutorial. You will able to test your application in the browser or with the PhoneGap Developer App with some limitations. If you want the full support of the native APIs then you will need the mobile SDK for that platform (iOS SDK, Android SDK, etc.) installed on your system.

Useful Resources

  1. PhoneGap Workshop - a similar app with a workshop that goes step by step creating the routing, templates and views to understand Single Page Architecture.
  2. Conference Tracker - a conference app built with Ionic/AngularJS with some more advanced features
  3. Google Maps API Docs - if you want to extend the maps functionality