PhoneGap Developer Resources

Mobile development resources, tips and tutorials for developing mobile hybrid applications with PhoneGap/Cordova.

General Tutorials

Learn how to build a basic PhoneGap app without being tied to a specific mobile framework

Basic PhoneGap Workshop »

Build an advanced mobile application fast using Ionic/AngularJS

Advanced PhoneGap Workshop »

Push Notifications

Sample Ionic app and server side example of one way to support push notifications in your own apps

Push Sample with Ionic »

Extensive tutorial on push notifications in general including links to previous tutorials and additional samples

Push Notifications Tutorial »

Android Plugin Tutorial

Learn how to build a custom plugin for your Android mobile device to access native features

Get Started »

Config.xml Helper

Check out this interactive reference guide to help you build out your own config.xml file with details on all of the possible options, icons, splash screens help and more..

Config.xml Helper »